The episode begins with Pichu revealing to the gang that he has been offered a job in another region. After a discussion in whether he should take the job or not. Pichu decides to take it. The gang travel to the Pokémon Centre to tell Chansey and Joy the news. However, Chansey makes Happiny angry when she says that Pichu isn't funny in the slightest. But, Pichu realises he isn't the funniest character on the show, but he's okay with that. Chansey finds out that they are travelling to the other region by Cruise Ship. But, Chansey informs them that they won't be allowed onto the ship, as they are not VIP's. So, they decide to accessorise and try to fit in...

They all get dressed up in their dressing rooms and attempt to board the ship, but are stopped by the Bouncer. But, Piplup takes care of him, and they get on easily. While on the ship, our hero's do a little mingling. Zammy gains a stalker. Rita encounters the most boring person on earth. Piplup gets high. But Happiny and Pichu stay together. They really do care for eachother. The gang reunite near the end of the journey, but Rita is nowhere to be found. After a short search, they find her half-dead from Lucario's story. After acquiring her, they head off of the ship and onto Bumblefuck Beach. Where a whole new adventure begins...








Nurse Joy








Mr. Mime


Written by: Calistus Jay and Jessica Armstrong.

Directed by: Calistus Jay.

Chickorita Voiced By Jessica Armstrong.

Alakazam Voiced By: Zachary Shulfer.

Piplup Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Pichu Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Happiny Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Chansey Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Nurse Joy Voiced By: Emily Hossack.

Rhyhorn Voiced By: James Pike.

Lickilicki Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Grotle Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Gardevoir Voiced By: Jessica Armstrong.

Lucario Voiced By: Zachary Shulfer.

Hoothoot Voiced By: Calistus Jay.

Bouncer Voiced By: Andrew Milsom.

Mr. Mime Voiced By: Calistus Jay.


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